A New, Leaner Touch Probe – HEIDENHAIN Presents the TS 440

HEIDENHAIN is presenting a new, compact 3-D touch probe at the EUROMOLD. As the TS 640's little brother, it features an extremely compact design. With a diameter of 49 mm and length of 63 mm, it is also ideal for applications with limited working space. The TS 440 otherwise has the same specifications as the TS 640, which was presented at the EMO.

The TS 440 transmits the trigger signal on an infrared beam to the SE 640 transmitter/receiver. The LEDs and receiver modules responsible for the infrared transmission are arranged evenly on the circumference of the TS 440, permitting a transmission range of 3 meters. In conjunction with the SE 540 transmitter/receiver unit, which is mounted on the spindle head, the TS 440 can also be used on large machines!

The TS 440 also incorporates a blasting unit with three nozzles at the bottom of the probe. The nozzles use a blast of air or coolant to remove coarse contaminants from the area being probed. This saves time and enables unattended, automated measuring cycles.

3-D touch probes are ideal for quick and exact workpiece alignment as well as for automated workpiece measurement on the machine. Most CNC controls?especially the TNC controls from HEIDENHAIN?offer numerous measuring cycles to automatically measure common geometries such as bore holes, rectangular pockets, circular pockets, slots, studs, bolt hole circles and planes.  

Download picture (300dpi)