The solution for multipoint inspection apparatuses with station widths of only 15 mm

Multipoint measuring stations are becoming ever more important in production. Typical applications are the simultaneous detection of several measured values or combining single measuring steps during machining.

Length gauges from the HEIDENHAIN SPECTO series feature station widths of less than 15 mm, enabling several length gauges to be positioned in tight spaces. To keep space requirements in the system low, cables can be either axially or radially connected. The length gauge is also ideal for in-process measurements thanks to a protection class to IP67.

Accuracy of ±1 µm is ensured over measuring strokes of 12 mm (with the ST 1200) or 30 mm (with the ST 3000). The repeatability accuracy is typically less than 0.3 µm. This value is possible due to the highly precise ball guide.

HEIDENHAIN offers a range of evaluation electronics for processing the measured values on multipoint inspection apparatuses:

  • The ND 2100G GAGE-CHEK with up to eight measuring channels enables values to be displayed and directly evaluated. The scope of the software and hardware enables the saving of processes and responses and the display of PLC functionality with applications.
  • The EIB 741 with four measuring channels is an ideal evaluation unit for applications requiring high dynamic measured-value acquisition. The device enables data interrogation every 20 µs.

HEIDENHAIN SPECTO length gauges are therefore the ideal solution for multipoint inspection apparatuses. Combining them with the various evaluation electronics enables perfect configurations according to the specific application.

SPECTO highlights

High degree of protectionUp to IP67
Ball-bush guided plungerhighest accuracy in the measuring loop
Compact dimensionsunit diameter 13 mm

Evaluation electronics highlights

Modular designup to 250 channels
High dynamicsone data record every 20 µs

Products used in this application

SPECTO ST 1288 with 15-pin connector and axial cable outlet383987-01
ND 2104G GAGE-CHEK, 4-channel with 220 V connection665408-02
EIB 741 evaluation unit with measured-value memory617574-04